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Looking for Cute Running Shoes: Any Suggestions?

I am hoping to start a running routine for exercise because I don%26#039;t think I will be on my school%26#039;s cheerleading team next year, and I need a way to maintain my physical fitness. I have been looking for some quality running shoes that are somewhat pleasing to look at, and haven%26#039;t been all that successful. I have found a couple pairs that I like, but would like to know if there%26#039;s anything else that I should consider. I really love the appearance of the Nfinity: Genesis cheerleading sneakers, but don%26#039;t know that they are good for running. If you could give me any insight about the Nfinity Genesis cheerleading shoes on a running standpoint, that would be very helpful, and I%26#039;d appreciate it greatly. If you could locate any running shoes that have good arch support and if possible are made with a nice breathable material, and have a similar appearance to the Nfinity Genesis cheerleading sneakers, that would be appreciated as well. Thank you VERY much! :]

Looking for Cute Running Shoes: Any Suggestions?
aasics tennis shoes are always cute (well, for tennis shoes anyway) and they are comfortable, and sensible. which is what you really need.
Reply:don%26#039;t worry about how cute the shoes are or else your gonna get hurt but you can try pumas if that%26#039;s all that matters to you
Reply:ok if your gonna run don%26#039;t be a loser, who cares about what the shoes look like, you want shoes that will fit your feet that you won%26#039;t get hurt in. I ran for 4 years, and i didn%26#039;t care what my shoes looked like, i just wanted to stay injury free, and if your gonna be running every day there is gonna be bad weather so it doesn%26#039;t matter.

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Running shoes question?

i have jordans and run in them but my toes begin to hurt and all and was wondering if i should get running shoes, will they make me feel better running and after running?

Running shoes question?
Definately get a good pair of running shoes. They are designed for it. New Balance is an excellent brand for running. Very durable and comfortable shoes. Some shoes stores are better at helping you pick out shoes than others. Find one where you can ask tuestions about which shoes would be best for you, not just which ones are the most popular.
Reply:you should definately get better running shoes....i started running cross country and it makes all the difference. My coach told me to go somewhere like fleetfeet if you have one of those where you live...or somewhere like it.. they put you on a tredmill and record how you run and then show you the perfect running shoes for you!
Reply:get reebok running shoes.

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What kind of running shoes for aerobics?

So, I work in a shoe store. I am so clueless about what to buy though, and it%26#039;s kinda hard to get help when you work there.

I am looking at two different Saucony shoes right now. The Pro Grid Triumph 4 ,and Grid Excursion TR. I do like the P/G triumph a lot more, but there is a huge price difference, almost double for the P/G.

Are you supposed to wear a specific shoe for aerobics, or do general running shoes work?

I need to get something, my ankles and feet are killing me from doing aerobics in adidas shell shoes (closest thing I have to a running shoe).

What kind of running shoes for aerobics?
Aerobics can have stepping, similar to running. It can also have side to side stepping or light side-to-side jumps, pretty vigorous for most folks.

For the side to side activity, running shoes can be ok, but they are made with little lateral (side) strength. I went through the side of a pair of running shoes years ago with a lot of side pressure playing basketball. Not the upper, I separated the sole from the upper, my foot completely on the ground and the shoe over my arch, looking at the bottom of the sole and the top of the shoe.

Look for a lightweight cross trainer, a tennis shoe or basketball shoe. Tennis and basketball shoes are made with more side reinforcement. Cross trainer with more than running shoes, but less than the other two.
Reply:Well, I just need a pair of tennis shoe that wouldn%26#039;t numb my toes.

Help me too.

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What are Good Running Shoes for 2mile runs and sprints at practice?

I%26#039;m 14 and just started making running an important part of my weekly schedule. My current running shoes are well in the trash. I%26#039;m lookin for running shoes below $110 that will take me through a good many of practices. I need some LIGHT shoes to run a few miles in and alot of sprints. Im looking at ASICS Gel Frantic and Asics Gel-DS Racer VII. Are They any good. Plz tell me the brand name and all that stuff.

What are Good Running Shoes for 2mile runs and sprints at practice?
Asics Gel are my favorite. They have been my last three pairs and will last about 300-500 miles.
Reply:for middle distance and long runs go for new balance or saucony. the cushioning works. i like non-gumsole asics for sprints. specific models depend on your foot. my favorites probably won%26#039;t work for you; i%26#039;m flat-footed
Reply:buy air walks they are a good pries and very conferable and last like to years best shoe i have ever had
Reply:Muzino%26#039;s are great running shoes. They are extremely comfortable and lightweight. This is the link to their website;

They sell them at Finish Line. Here%26#039;s the link to their page;

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Best running shoes?

I%26#039;m starting to run with friends every week at Metro Parks. And I don%26#039;t have any real running shoes. The middle area of my foot also starts to cramp after running or walking after a certain amount of time. What kind of running shoes do you use, or recommend? What do you think is the best brand?

Best running shoes?
Nike and Adias are good running shoes
Reply:Hard to say what the best running shoes are. You should go to a shoe center and have them test your foot. They can find what %26#039;kind of foot%26#039; you have. Running shoes can be specific to your foot, and if you run in the wrong ones you can get injured. Once you have your type (Neutral, Comfort, or Stability) you can pick a shoe you like based on style or price. Just because a shoe cost a lot more doesn%26#039;t make it a better shoe if it doesn%26#039;t fit your foot. Personally I like brooks and adidas brand shoes.
Reply:any kind of durable running shoes are good. i recommend nike, addidas, asics are good also.

brands aren%26#039;t as imporant because that%26#039;s just the name, it%26#039;s really behind how stable the shoe is and how long it will last.

the middle area of your foot is your arch. make sure you get some high arch shoes and talk to the sales ppl about it and they will find a shoe that will support your arch.

to make it so that your arch isn%26#039;t so sore try icing is or massaging it or rolling a can or something to stretch out the muscles.
Reply:Well I would try to find a running shoe store in your area. They will fit you with a good shoe and make sure that it fits you and everything.

There really is not a better brand of shoe. It just depends on what you like and what feels comfortable. I myself like Brooks. A few of my friends hate Brooks. It%26#039;s opinion. But definably go to a running store. It%26#039;s your best bet.

Good luck
Reply:finding a good shoe all depends on personal comfort and what shoe best fits your foot, go to a running/shoe store and ask what they suggest, you just want to make sure it right for your feet, i%26#039;ve ended up with shoes that werent right for me which caused very painful shin splints and stress fracture, now i have been running on brooks and i havent had any shin problems
Reply:Now I hate to be horribly cocky here but, if you want a QUALITY shoe for whatever way you run you need Newtons. They are not very heard of but my cousin runs distance for Oregon and he suggests Newtons above all else. GREAT SHOE!
Reply:Personally, I prefer asics but other brands are also good.


Women's Running shoes!?

I need to purchase new running shoes. I currently run 5-7 miles per day mainly on the treadmill. I have narrow feet and VERY high arches. My current pair are Asics to which I added poly sorb insoles, I love them now, but they were really hard to break in, they pushed down on my toes for a long time (no they are not too small, I always get my feet measured and the size has been the same for a long time). So ladies or men who REALLY know about women%26#039;s running shoes, can anyone recommend a shoe for my foot type and need that will not take forever to break in? I would love to go to a specialty running store, but there is not one in my area.

BTW-I don%26#039;t care about what is cute or trendy.

Women%26#039;s Running shoes!?
2 words: New Balance. They%26#039;re great running and walking shoes.. They are very light weight and merciless on the balls of your feet... They are really comfortable... I ran track and I would slip them on after I ran and they are a good quality shoe.. pricy but good.
Reply:You%26#039;re very welcome. I assumed you got you a pair. I pay attention to the stuff I buy especially if I%26#039;m gonna spend my own money! But I know they%26#039;re great shoes and it has great arch support so enjoy your shoes! Always here 2 help! Report It

Reply:kanga roos they are really comfy and dont take long to break in
Reply:Nike tends to run narrow, but doesn%26#039;t have a lot of arch supports...but most shoe stores will sell full length arch supports. That being said...I have a pair of Nike airmax 360%26#039;s and they are the most comfortable shoes I%26#039;ve ever owned!
Reply:nike, airmax

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Running Shoes vs. Trainers?

I run 1mile on the track 2-3 times a week. It%26#039;s a timed mile so consistancy and speed is very important. I was to get running shoes (nike free 5.0) but the shoes i got actually ended up to be the nike free 5.0 trainers. whats the difference? and is it ok if i just keep the trainers and run with those?

Running Shoes vs. Trainers?
Reply:A running shoe is ultra lightweight and used in competition only. They speed you up. Those shoes don%26#039;t have much bottom on it. A cross trainer is heavier, but still light. Here is a page that shows Track and Field shoes. A lot of them have spikes in the bottom that you can unscrew and fill with blanks for running.